I don’t have a job anymore… Now what?

How many of us have been through this situation. We wake up one day, feeling good with the fact that we have a “stable job” and the next day, we’re no longer part of the company. We got fired. We don’t have a job anymore.

At the beginning of my career, I worked with a consulting firm where my role was to talk with people who had been fired from their jobs after many many years (5, 10, 15…) of working for their companies. I was only around 22 years old, but it was my first job, and I saw these people arriving with the sadness, despair, but above all, the uncertainty of “Now what am I going to do?”

Most of them had worked for so many years in those companies that they had completely forgotten what was happening out there in the market. They didn’t know what other choices they had, and most of them hadn’t been part of a hiring process since then.

Why do we like safety and comfort so much? What makes us settle in a position, a paycheck, a boss? When do we forget to look to the other side and see what’s going around us?

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