If you are looking for a change on your career and want to have a successfull profile, I am here to work with you. Let´s evaluate and strenghen your skills and abilities.

Let´s focus on finding a place where you can be the best version of yourself.

CGR Consultoría


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“The good, if short, twice good”

A resume is our letter of introduction to a company, a very first impression before a manager or a Human Resource professional, and it must generate impact.

Professional career review, CV and Linkedin Profile creation, 2 hours (virtually or face-to-face). Review and final document, 1 hour (virtually)


Do you want to change your area of expertise or find a new job? Have you lost the count on how many time you have send a resume without any success?

During a session of 2 hours (virtually or face-to-face) we will review your professional career and achievements, to properly route your search.


Have you had several interviews over the last months, without any success?

With the interview simulation I put at your disposal a confidential space so that you can practice, challenge yourself to find your greatest strengths and receive feedback to improve your performance.

For 2 hours (virtual or face-to-face) we will have a conversation focused on the position and the necessary skills for it. Subsequently, we will do a feedback together.


If you lost your job and need to start your career transition strategy, this is the ideal service for you

The career transition process begins by assessing the situation and creating a personal strategy. For 8 hours (virtual or face-to-face) we will work on your professional profile, resume/CV, motivations, networking, research strategy and interview preparation

Do you have questions or want to connect with me? Send me a message to